How to read a US Battery date code

US Battery is another common golf car battery manufacturer, perhaps second only to Trojan. Like our article on finding the date code on a Trojan battery, US Battery also uses a code that is stamped into the battery post.

Unlike Trojan, US Battery’s codes do not represent the shipping date, but rather the actual manufactured date and an additional code that reflects the manufacturing facility.

The date code on US Battery’s Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) is found on the positive battery terminal.
Here’s a table that breaks down the three-character code for FLA batteries.

Month Year Facility
Code Represents Code Represents Code Represents
A January 0 2010 X Corona, CA
B February 1 2011 Y Augusta, GA
C March 2 2012 Z Evans, GA
D April 3 2013  
E May 4 2014  
F June 5 2015  
G July 6 2016  
H August 7 2017  
I September 8 2018  
J October 9 2019  
K November    
L December    

Using the table, if you look at the illustration here you’ll see the three characters “K, 4, X” stamped into the positive terminal post.

  • “K” indicates that this battery was manufactured during the month of November.
  • “4” indicates that this battery was manufactured in 2014.
  • “X” means it came out of the Corona, CA manufacturing plant.

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