Average Weight of a Golf Car (with 38 examples)

Every so-often I’ll have a customer that wants to haul their golf car in the back of their pickup truck or want to know what size of trailer they would need.

In addition, in order to drive the vehicle into the back of the truck they also need to purchase ramps that are sturdy enough for the weight of a golf car, which is usually considerably heavier than an ATV.

To do so safely, they usually need to know how much a golf car weighs. I’ve done some research to try and help answer that question.

  • The average weight of a standard 2-Passenger, EZGO, 48-volt electric golf car is 924 lbs (420 kg).
  • The average weight of a standard 2-Passenger, EZGO, gas golf car is 740 lbs (356 kg).

Curb Weight

I’ve used the “curb” weight here, since the majority of people will be driving their golf car with either a tank of fuel, or a set of batteries already in the golf car.

The curb weight also has the benefit of being the heavier number so there is a margin of safety in using those numbers.

The following table will break down several different makes and models of golf cars to help you find the specific answer for your golf car model.

Golf Car Weight Table

Make Model Drive Train lbs. kg.
E-Z-GOFreedom RXV48V (4 x 12v – Lead Acid)905410.5
E-Z-GO Freedom RXV ELiTE 2.0 (60AHr Lithium)655297.1
E-Z-GO Freedom RXVGas – Kawasaki 13.5 HP747339
E-Z-GO Freedom RXVGas – EX1 (11.5 HP) * New 2020692314
E-Z-GO TXT/FreedomPDS 36V (6 x 6V – Lead Acid)927420
E-Z-GO Freedom TXT48V (6 x 8V – Lead Acid)943429
E-Z-GO Freedom TXT ELiTE 2.0 (60AHr Lithium) 638290
E-Z-GO Freedom TXT Gas – Kawasaki 13.5 HP 820372
E-Z-GO Freedom TXT Gas – EX1 (11.5 HP) * New 2020 739335
E-Z-GO Medalist36V (6 x 6V – Lead Acid)927420
E-Z-GO MedalistGas – 9 HP704320
E-Z-GOExpress S448V (6 x 8V – Lead Acid) 1469662
E-Z-GOExpress S4ELiTE 2.0 (60AHr Lithium) 996452
E-Z-GO Express S4 Gas – Kawasaki 13.5 HP910413
E-Z-GO Express 4×472V – Lead Acid1685764
E-Z-GO Express L672V (6 x 12V – Lead Acid)1560708
E-Z-GOExpress L6ELiTE 3.0 (90AHr Lithium) 1183537
E-Z-GO Express L6Gas – Kawasaki 13.5 HP 1001454
E-Z-GO 72-Volt Freedom72V – Lead Acid1200545
Club CarDSGas660300
Club CarFairway VillagerGas, 4-passenger700317.5
Club CarDSPowerDrive System 48 V (6 x 8V Lead Acid)854387.4
Club CarDSIQ System 48V (6 x 8V Lead Acid) 872395.5
Club CarDS36V (6 x 6V Lead Acid)841381.5
Club CarFairway Villager48V, 4-Passenger (6 x 8V Lead Acid) 873396
Club CarPrecedentGas651295
Club CarPrecedent48V855388
Club CarOnward48V (6 x 8V Lead Acid)975442
Club CarOnwardHP Lithium717325
Club CarOnwardGas675306
Club CarTempo48V903410
Club CarTempoGas642291
YamahaQuieTech EFIGas750340
YamahaPowerTech AC48V (6 x 8V Lead Acid or AGM)995.3451.5
YamahaDrive2 AC48V (6 x 8V Lead Acid or AGM) 973.3441.5
YamahaG2248V (6 x 8V Lead Acid)927420.5

If you’d rather have the “dry” weight (without fuel or batteries) identify which type of battery you have and use the table below as a guide to subtract the weight of the set of batteries from the “curb” weight given above.

Trojan makes a high quality battery which often means that the batteries contain more lead than their competitors which makes their batteries heavier.

Trojan Battery Weight

T-605 (6V)6228
T-105 (6V)6228
T-875 (8V)6329
T-1260+ (12V)7835
T-1275+ (12V)8539

Source: https://www.trojanbattery.com/products/deep-cycle-flooded/signature-line-flooded-2/

I’ve added a short table here to give an example of a gas golf car 12V battery. Most of these type of batteries will be similar specs.

Gas Golf Car Battery Weight

Duracell SLI26G2611.8

Source: https://www.batteriesplus.com/productdetails/battery/golf-cart/e=z=go/st-4×4-(gas)/na/sli26g

A gallon of gasoline weighs 6 lbs (2.72 kb). A typical golf car has a 6 gallon gasoline tank, which if full would weigh 36 lbs (16.3 kg).

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