Golf Car Battery Replacement – How Much Does it Cost?

One of the main considerations when owning an electric golf car is the eventual cost of replacing the batteries. There are numerous golf car battery manufacturers (or at least brands) but not all of them are created equally.

A new replacement set of golf car batteries can cost between $650 – $1000. The price is influenced by several factors; voltage of battery, battery manufacturer, model of battery.

Other factors might include market availability (demand), dealer pricing, discounts through buying clubs (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc…) or big-box stores and franchises (Interstate Battery, Walmart, Home Depot, Menards, Advanced Auto Parts, Autozone, etc…).

Trojan batteries are generally considered the highest quality battery in the golf car market, however, they are also among the highest priced. There are several other reputable, US-based, battery manufacturers to choose from.

These higher-quality batteries are often sold through a distribution network that includes authorized dealers and/or golf car dealers & distributors.

It is important when evaluating golf car batteries to try and compare apples-to-apples and not just look at cost.

Rating System for Deep-cycle Batteries

The manufacturers of deep-cycle batteries use a (somewhat) agreed upon industry rating system based upon Ampere hours set over a period of time. The “standard” rating is expressed as 20hr AH with some manufacturers proving ratings for other time periods such as AH (5hr) values.

What does a 20hr or 5hr AH rating mean?

In order to get an AH rating, the battery that is being tested has to be drained down to 0 over the course of a specified amount of time.  The amount of amperage that it took to get it down to zero, over that specified amount of time constitutes the AH rating.

The rating is just an index to allow comparison between different battery capacities.

Lead-acid batteries are subject to the Peukert effect which states that the faster a battery is discharged, the lower the overall capacity is available.

A battery discharged at 10A will give you more capacity than a battery discharged at 100A. Another way to look at it is that a 5 hour discharge will draw more amps than a 20 hr discharge, so the Ahr rating will be lower with a shorter discharge time.

To compare apples-to-apples, compare a battery’s 20hr and 5hr ratings to see which has the highest value; the higher the rating, the higher the capacity of the battery.

The 20hr and 5hr ratings do not have a direct relation to the golf car application, but is a general indication of the overall capacity of the battery.

Battery Weight

Besides giving your back a workout, why should you at least consider the battery weight when comparing which battery to purchase?

What I’m about to say isn’t exactly scientific, but it does hold to reason. When it comes to lead-acid batteries, less is NOT more. As the name implies, lead-acid batteries contain lead.

The chemical process used to generate voltage in the battery is significantly impacted by the amount, and configuration of the lead contained in the batteries.

The more lead and greater surface area that the lead takes up, the greater the capacity of your battery. Heavier battery = more lead. More lead = larger capacity.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the more common batteries we see come into our shop. Prices current as of 5/26/2020. I’m still working to collect prices from the distributors, so these tables will be updated.

6-Volt Batteries

BrandGroupModelVoltageAH (20hr)AH (5hr)Weight (lbs)PriceWhere Sold
CrownGC2CR-2206V22018060$132 +$29 CoreDealer
CrownGC2CR-2356V22518563$140 +$29 CoreDealer
CrownGC2CR-2406V24019568$151 +$29 CoreDealer
DuracellGC2DGC6V215157NP$89.88 +$15 CoreSam’s Club
InterstateGC2M-GC2-UTL6V21017558$98.99 +$15 CoreCostco
TrojanGC2T-6056V21017558$ 115 +$29 CoreDealer
TrojanGC2T-1056V22518562$134 +$29 CoreDealer
US BatteryGC2US 1800 XC26V20815755TBDDealer
US BatteryGC2US 2000 XC26V22017257TBDDealer
US BatteryGC2US 2200 XC26V23218162TBDDealer
NP = Not published pricing; TBD = To Be Determined (still collecting data)

8-Volt Batteries

BrandGroupModelVoltageAH (20hr)AH (5hr)WeightPriceWhere Sold
CrownGC8CR-1658V16514064$143 + $29 CoreDealer
InterstateGC8M-GC8-UTL8V16013561$111.99 +$15 CoreCostco or Interstate Battery
TrojanGC8T-8758V17014563$141 + $29 CoreDealer
NP = Not published pricing; TBD = To Be Determined (still collecting data)

12-Volt Batteries

BrandGroupModelVoltageAH (20hr)AH (5hr)WeightPriceWhere Sold
CrownGC12CR-GC15012V15012081$197 + $57 CoreDealer
InterstateGC12GC12-HCL-UTL12V150NP84.5$238.99 +$15 CoreCostco or Interstate Battery
TrojanGC12T-126012V14011378$195 +$57 CoreDealer
TrojanGC12T-127512V15012085$201 +$57 CoreDealer
US BatteryGC12US 12VRX XC212V15512286TBDDealer
NP = Not published pricing; TBD = To Be Determined (still collecting data)

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