Difference Between an EZGO Valor and Freedom TXT?

For 2022, EZGO has updated their Personal Transport Vehicle (PTV) line-up which includes both the Freedom TXT and Valor. I’ve had several customers look at them on the website and showroom floor and ask me, “What’s the difference”.

“Under the hood” the Freedom TXT and EZGO Valor are practically identical. They are built on the same frame, have the same powertrain, and the same body. The difference is that generally, the EZGO Valor does not include as many options or accessories as the Freedom TXT.

What options are not included in the EZGO Valor?

Prior to the 2022 model, the Valor did not include:

  • a Fuel gauge (gas only) or State-of-Charge (SoC) meter (electric only),
  • brake lights,
  • storage basket w/bag straps,
  • standard 18-inch tires on 8-inch wheels,
  • a large front bumper
  • a DC-DC convertor (48V electric only)
  • USB port.

All the above options come as standard on the Freedom TXT. Additionally, the Valor does include larger 20x8x10 turf tires on black wheels (rims) and a 2-inch “midrise” lift kit. The Valors only offer a limited selection of paint colors.

With the release of the new 2022 model, the differences are fewer. The Valor does not appear to include:

  • brake lights
  • storage basket w/bag straps
  • large front bumper
  • standard 18-inch tires on 8-inch wheels
  • a DC-DC convertor (48V electric only)
  • USB port.
  • 2-inch lift

It’s really nice to have the new 2022 Valor come with a fuel gauge or SoC as standard. The fuel gauge in particular is an expensive option for dealers to install due to the fuel sending unit that needs to be installed in the fuel tank.

The SoC isn’t difficult to install as long as the wiring harness for the already installed lights includes a plug for the SoC. I’m of the personal opinion that every electric golf car should have a State-of-Charge meter installed.

What is the price difference between the Valor and Freedom TXT?

It’s difficult to compare the two models from year-to-year because EZGO (and other manufacturers) are constantly changing the vehicle offerings. Adding some options and accessories as standard, while taking some away. Some years EZGO offered a parts & accessories credit, other years they did not.

The list below reflects the base model suggested MSRP and the price difference.

From 2019 to 2022 the average price difference between the EZGO Valor and Freedom TXT was $790, ranging from $400 – $1000.

YearValor (gas) (base price)Freedom TXT (gas) (base price)Price Difference
2019$5,799$6,574+$775 (TXT Freedom Gas)
2020$6,549$7,549+$1000 (TXT Freedom EX1)
2021$6,849$7,832+$983 (TXT Freedom EX1)
2022$7,999$8,399+$400 (TXT Freedom EX1)
Base prices only. Does not include accessories, freight, setup, or taxes

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, my suggestion would be to use EZGO’s newly designed website builder to configure both the Freedom TXT and the Valor the way you want, then compare the price. Keep in mind that the website builder does not include delivery, setup (prep), or taxes.

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